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About Piano Craft

Established in 1998, Piano Craft is Tulsa's trusted expert in piano moving, refinishing, and repair services. With a foundation in the piano and restoration industry since 1980, our founder, Kim Jacobs, has successfully handled over 14,000 pianos.

What sets us apart is Kim's unique combination of professional expertise and a personalized approach. When you choose Piano Craft, you gain access to a comprehensive range of piano-related services, exclusively provided by Kim himself.

Our offerings include not just expert piano moving services but also the option to have your piano repaired or refurbished during the delivery process. Enjoy the convenience of all-in-one solutions at highly competitive prices, eliminating the need to hire multiple companies for the job. Choose Piano Craft for unparalleled care and expertise in every aspect of piano care.

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Kim Jacobs of Piano Craft Tulsa provides professional services with a very personal approach. Contact him today to gain the benefits of all the piano-related services only he can provide.