Restorer Makes Pianos Grand Again

Restorer makes Pianos Grand Again
by Rhonda Clark
Tulsa World Staff Writer

Piano Craft, a piano restoration business owned by Kim Jacobs specializes in refinishing and restoration of everything from spinet to upright and grand pianos.

“What I like most is taking an old piano that was once really, really beautiful and over the period of time it got kind of old looking — the finish kind of got bad on them — and bring them back to their original glory.” Jacobs said. “Then you can stand back to look at them and say, ‘Wow.’ It’s not that I make them look good, I just make them able to look good again.”

Jacobs has had some unique pieces to work on, including a 1963 Steinway square grand piano owned by Bill and Sherri Griggs of Tulsa. Sherri Griggs said serial number records traced the piano back to its original owner, …

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